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Just wanted to say thank you for the boards you shaped me, I rode them all most every surf since I've had them and the very first board you shaped me (5'10 SX) was a magic stick!

Last year I averaged a total of 5 double page spreads a month and 80% of the shots were on your boards even the 10 point ride in the cold water classic and UKPST win at thurso was on your boards.

- Micah Lester


Just wanted to let you know on a few boards. The 6'8 five fin. I used it at the Aileens as a thruster a few times and it felt great, nice and thick for catching waves and good in the tube. The little 5'8 tow slab boards feels great too.

Just been riding the 5'9 and paddling in the rest of the time. I' ve been using the 5'11 and then 6'3 as quads and they were great. It was solid 6/8ft and they just flew. I could really do with that new one as the two I have are well worn at this stage.

- Fergal Smith

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